Become a Group Coordinator 

As a group coordinator, you are invited to experience exciting destinations of INDIA.

Do you want to travel for free with us? It is easy, you only have to bring a group of your key clients as hosted buyers and you will be able to go with them without any cost. Choose one of your trips and encourage your relatives and friends and aquintances to join. You will earn your travel for free based on a number of people you bring.We will give a percentage ofdiscount with the possibility of traveling completely free and you can choose to earn commission.

Our tour expert will work closely with you to provide customize itineraries for your group according to your requirement.

 Benefits of being a group coordinator

Take advantage of the many benefits of being a group coordinator.


  1. Bring minimum group of 9 people and 50% discount on 10th person along with the package discount or this discount valid on same trip or you can choose to earn commission.
  2. Bring group of 15 people and earn 1free person this valid on same trip or you can choose to earn commission.
  3. Now provide more than 5 traveler in a single trip then you can earn some % of commission.
  4. If you don’t want to travel you can pass to your group members or raise money.
  5. Now you can buy trip and our other services from commission earned with some extra discount.
  6. You can take commission directly in your bank account.


  • Ask your tour consultant about additional benefits for large group.

 Interested ?

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